Womens Fashion Colour Match Your Skin Tone

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Published: 11th January 2011
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Skin tone comes in three categories, warm, cool and neutral

Jewellery Test

To understand what skin tone you have, there is a little test that you can do. To get a good idea, you must sit in front of a mirror with plenty of daylight around you.

This method is relying on your self judgement, but to get a more realistic answer, you need to compare yourself with jewellery, silver or gold.

If you find upon looking in the mirror that you are suited to silver, then you are likely to fall in the bracket of cool undertone.

If however you look at yourself wearing gold that you are suited, then you will fall into the bracket of a warm undertone.

The Vein Test

The universally method used is the vein test is good way to determine your skin tone. In daylight open and close your fist like a ball, a couple of times, to invoke raising your veins to the service in which you can examine your inner wrist. You should be now being able to visibly see what colour your veins are?

Veins that are mainly blue indicate cool tones, while green veins are a hint that you are warm toned.

If your veins are a mix of blue and green, it could be a sign that you are neutral toned. Very fortunate!

Compare with Celebrities

Below are some visual ideas from the world of Womens fashion that these celebrities surround themselves in, of which you can compare yourself too:

Example of Peach warm, fair to medium complexions - Renee Zwegweller, Tilda Swinton

Example of Pink cool, fair to medium complexion - Keira Knightly, Kate Winslet

Example of Yellow warm, fair to medium complexion - Cameron Diaz, Elle Macpherson

Example of Olive warm, medium to deep complexion - Peneoply Cruz, Halle Berry

Skin Tone Warm

Hair Colour – Brunette, Red and Blonde

Eye Colour – Brown, Green, Hazel

Skin Tone Cool

Hair Colour – Blonde Brunette

Eye Colour – Blue Violet, Grey

Skin Tone Neutral

Hair Colour – All colours

Eye Colour – All Colours

Skin Tone Warm

Colours complimentary to warm skin tone such as gold, beige, sage green or bronze. Softer tones are good like, peach, apricot or yellow.

Other colours that go well with warm tone are earth colours, rich golden browns and golden blond shades as well as auburn. Also you can use olive-green, yellow, brown, red ochre (shade of brown) & raw sienna (yellowish-brown) and raw umber (natural clay earth brown).

You will need to avoid any hair colour that has the word ash in it, also extreme hair colours like jet black, white, blue or violet.

Skin Tone Cool

True colours such as the range in Jewel tones, such as emerald green, amethyst purple, ruby red, topaz yellow, sapphire blue, tourmaline green, turquoise blue, pure black, pink.

In addition to these colours you can wear icy tones colours like light blue, light pink and light green.

Icy is very light, clear and cool, icy is NOT pastel, soft and not warm.

As a cool tone skin you should avoid colours such as beige, orange and gold.

Skin Tone Neutral

Fortunately this is a tone that benefits from being in the middle of all colours will look good whatever as indicated above.

Most neutral skin tones will favour one way or another depending on the individuals overall colour tone.

So while a warm colour may look ok on you, on the other scale if chosen a cool colour may look fantastic.

Selecting the right colours based on your skin tone can add so much to your overall appearance. But this is an overall appearance of eyes, lips, hair and of course a Womens fashion sense. The right colour can add an appealing appearance to your overall being, with a complimentary complexion. Whilst on the other scale, choosing the wrong colour foundation and fashion clothes can leave you looking un-balanced with your skin tone and the clothes you wear.

Womens Fashion Colours

Fashion colours are great to see on the runway by aspiring models, the beautiful tones and shades that differing material styles shimmer and shape by various designers.

The colours listed can be part of your wardrobe, part of your outfit and just as the models strutting their gait down the runway, you too can done the same colours and feel free in knowing that those colours will make your skin glow, will balance your overall ambience of cosmetics, hair and lips to give an overall picture of the new you.


Bright purples can be tricky, but muted aubergine is becoming universally accepted. It’s midway between warm and cool, so it suits warm yellow-toned skin, as well as cool blue-toned skin.

This shade looks corporate enough for work.


Dark grey is a fashion undertone shade of colour. Accentuating to the body, but still doesn’t make you look arid or pale in contrast.

Dove grey is gorgeous on warmer skin tones, and not as harsh as pure white. Grey tops look great with a red or pink lipstick to brighten up your look.


Scarlet red, wow! Make a statement, red is the colour of passion, aggression and power, to be worn only by a handful of women.

But true red, which sits in the between tomato and cherry, is surprisingly flattering. Your best bet with red is probably a scarf or jumper, as such a strong colour on your bottom half can make you look larger.


Dark aquamarine shades. These colours work because they are the precise opposite to the pink in our cheeks, which, by contrast, they enhance; giving women a healthy glow. Red hair looks great when worn with greens and blues.

Putty Pink

The palest of putty pinks. This tone accentuates the natural glow in our skin, unlike pastel pink which only flatters certain complexions. This shade of pink also mixes easily with darker colours – perfect for a work blouse under a suit.

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